March 2018 ~ Born Under Punches

“This song exposes the asymmetry behind male grievance. It's about the way that the practical realities of living in certain bodies decimates the hypothetical framework of false equivalences. In short, there are real differences between negative feelings towards different groups, based on how likely those negative feelings are to contribute to the physical harm, or death, of their targets. And you thought you were listening to a jaunty indie rock song.” 

Featuring: Angélique Kidjo, Wu Man, Clara Rockmore, Pussy Riot, and more.

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April 2015: Curmudgeons of the World Unite!

"Listening to the news this month, it was obvious that something terrible was happening in the Mediterranean. Naturally, the indifference and hostility towards immigrants is not the sole expertise of Europeans, although they definitely seem to have perfected an especially potent formula. I like to imagine that the defiance and strength of this song could be a kind of battle cry for those who actually make it off of one of those death boats."

Featuring: Blake Mills, Mbongwana Star, Punch Brothers, Ava Luna, and more. 

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