Will Branch

"Larry Penn is one of the greatest songwriters and singers anywhere. I am proud to know him. Every one of his songs is built with the skill of a fine craftsman, but he is never precious. He is also someone who is always verbally and mentally on his game – you need to be on your toes to hang out with him: if you don’t say what you mean, or back up what you say, he’ll call you on it."

Featuring: Larry Penn, Rebirth Brass Band, Fugazi, and more. 

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Sebastian Guerrero

"It wasn't until I sat down to work out this mix that I realized how much I miss sitting with a stack of vinyl, CDs, and cassettes trying to get the perfect mix tape down. This mix is playlist of songs that I just keep revisiting and most are part of my musical foundation.  As a percussionist, I've spent a lot of inspiring moments with the music of Brazil, Peru, Cuba, and New Orleans so I focused this mix on that base."

Featuring: Celia Cruz, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Los Van Van, and more. 

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