July 2016 ~ Encountering Another Chicago

"I found myself being incredibly moved by RP Boo's set at Pitchfork. It was getting a glimpse into a genuine Chicago, an organic and utterly unique expression of culture from a part of the world that is reliably portrayed in the negative. It felt like a clear and forceful refutation of the idea that all Chicago's south and west sides have to offer the world is violence and poverty."

Featuring: Xenia Rubinos, The Frightnrs, PWR BTTM, William Bell, and more.

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March & April 2016 ~ If You Have the Means

"The greatest perk of my job at the Harris Theater is the opportunity to see some incredible dance. It seems pretty clear to me when a choreographer cares about the music - and it can just wreck a dance for me when either the music is terrible or it just doesn't seem to have anything to do with the dance."

Featuring: Anna Wise, Rachmaninoff, Billy Paul, Big Black Delta, and more. 

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January 2016 ~ "...from the forthcoming..."

"I've been trying to slowly educate myself about Chicago's deep bench of new music ensembles, and I'm betting it will be hard to find any more interesting, virtuosic, and soulful than eighth blackbird."

Featuring: Christian Scott, Yeasayer, Gabby Pahinui, Ron Funches, and more.


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