Ruth Blatt

"I love electronic music and remixes that completely reconsider the original. I also love to dance, so most of my playlists, including this one, start with ambient music and end with a dance party."

Featuring: Paul Oakenfold, Gregory Isaacs, Led Zeppelin, and more. 

And check out an in-depth interview with Ruth about her job writing about organizational behavior and management through the lens of rock bands, and a lot more. 

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DeMisty D. Bellinger

"This list is ultimately for my daughters, but also for all the others who want to hear women. I gave myself only two stipulations: 1) The lead vocalist must be a woman and 2) The song must not compromise the integrity of that vocalist or any woman at all."

Featuring: Xenia Rubinos, Whitney Houston, The Breeders, and more. 

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