May 2016 ~ Halfway to Eighty

"This month was my 40th birthday. Leading up to my birthday, my friend Robb jokingly told me I was 'halfway to 80.' I think it was partly meant as a needle, but it has actually served as a pretty great way to put everything in perspective. "

Featuring: Har Mar Superstar, ANOHNI, Bee Gees, White Denim, and more. 

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October 2014: Bringing Home the Bass

"I've been shopping for a new car this month, which is partly nerve-wracking, but mostly exciting, especially considering the sorry (and I do mean truly embarrassing) state of my current car. The central organizing principle of the search has been the need to fit my stand-up bass in the car without hanging the scroll out the back window, an arrangement that the coming winter will soon render untenable. 'But, what's that got to do with this song, Josh?' Not much, I'll admit."

Featuring: SBTRKT, DJ Spoko, Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer, and more

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May 2013: Hello, Hyde Park

I've never been a big fan of Vampire Weekend, although it always seemed to me like I should. But I love this new record.

Featuring: Death, Huey Lewis and the News, K-Os, Rick James, and more. 

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