March 2015: No Trip to SXSW

"I would argue that these two songs (and these two bands) are essentially attacking the same puzzle, but with radically different tools. How does a rock band tackle R&B/Soul in 2015?"

Featuring: Shamir, Norman Blake, GZA, José González, and more.

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Colby Starck

"While I am a music & vinyl junkie, it’s been a loooong while since I’ve put together a proper mixtape.  I always preferred the Maxell XLII 90 as my tape of choice.  Please be sure to flip it over after 45 minutes, and don’t forget to be kind & rewind the tape before passing it on to somebody else, or leaving it in your glove box."

Featuring: Roy Ayers, Funkadelic, Savages, and more.

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Karen Mikki Brown

"One, this was hard. I just really love music, so whittling down this list was harder than changing a tire without a jack or tire iron. I’m one of those weird people who forms emotional connections to music and can’t live without it."

Featuring: Daft Punk, The Dramatics, Fleetwood Mac, and more. 

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