December 2016 ~ Holiday in Cuba

"We went to Cuba for six days this month, the first time I've been out of the country for at least 15 years. As usual, searching for vinyl was a central activity. Like most things in Havana, this isn't as simple as it is here in the States."

Featuring: Benny Moré, Run the Jewels, Psalm One, Benny Thomasson, and more.

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July 2015: Pitchfork and more

"The previous day at Pitchfork, I experienced serious queasiness and cultural disorientation when ASAP Ferg exhorted the crowd to 'put their guns in the air.' What does it mean for a crowd of privileged people to do that in the same city where this 'shooting tracker' shows 29 shootings that weekend, including a 12 year old boy riding a scooter? It's gross."

Featuring: Freddie Gibbs, Mdou Moctar, The Wood Brothers, Jimmy Whispers, and more.

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