Mark Sorkin ~ Morning to Night

"My old rule about mix tapes was that each one should drop you right into the present tense. Even if the first song isn’t brand-new, the mood it evokes should speak to the current moment in some important way."

Featuring: Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, Explosions In The Sky, and more.

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July 2015: Pitchfork and more

"The previous day at Pitchfork, I experienced serious queasiness and cultural disorientation when ASAP Ferg exhorted the crowd to 'put their guns in the air.' What does it mean for a crowd of privileged people to do that in the same city where this 'shooting tracker' shows 29 shootings that weekend, including a 12 year old boy riding a scooter? It's gross."

Featuring: Freddie Gibbs, Mdou Moctar, The Wood Brothers, Jimmy Whispers, and more.

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