Rev. Kevin M. Gregorius, Esq. ~ Bringing the Gloom and Doom

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for well over a decade, maybe approaching two, mostly as a friend of friends. This past Thanksgiving he joined me and our buddy Dan for a glorious day of sweating at Chicago's fantastic Red Square sauna. After a few hours of bonding and playing music for each other, he agreed to help up Faux Sounds' metal game. His selections cement my impression of him as a super sweet and thoughtful guy with a penchant for sticking his finger in the eyes of pompous or otherwise offensive people. He truly is punk rock in all the best ways. A criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis, Kevin also co-hosts The Root Of All Evil on KFAI, the longest running all-metal radio program in the country (1-6 am every Sunday).

First, thanks to Josh for letting me participate in Faux Sounds. I always like seeing what he’s listening to. I guess I should travel to Chicago for a schvitz more often.

Myrkur – Den Lille Piges Død Two brief observations: 1) The title translates as “The Little Girl’s Death”. 2) If this is a representative result, every black metal band needs to record a live acoustic album in a mausoleum accompanied by a children’s choir.

Emma Ruth Rundle – Marked For Death Emma Ruth Rundle is fast becoming one of my favorite singer-songwriters. 2014’s “Some Heavy Ocean” made it on my best-of list from that year, and “Marked For Death” is even better.

Lush – Take I was fortunate enough to catch Lush in Chicago this summer during their brief (and, it would seem, final) reunion stint. In anticipation, I dug heavy into “Spooky”. I love how they can make gorgeous, almost perfect pop out of such dark and sinister lyrics. I get that this doesn’t really “fit” with the rest of this playlist, but it’s been pretty much stuck in my head since August.

SubRosa – Troubled Cells Great doom from Salt Lake City. This track is a response to the Mormon Church’s policies toward its own LGBT members.

Psychic TV – Starlit Mire This is mostly for Josh because he claims he’s never heard of Psychic TV. I thought long and hard trying to decide upon a perfect, stereotypical PTV track for inclusion here, and that’s just impossible. No such thing exists. So I went for this song from “Allegory & Self” because it always kinda creeped me out.

Wovenhand – The Beautiful Axe I was first exposed to Wovenhand when I saw them opening up for Chelsea Wolfe in 2015. Their frontman is a total weirdo. This is older material, but their new album, “Star Power” is really good.

Bloodiest – Mesmerize Bloodiest Should be making everybody’s year-end best-of list, IMO. When they find a groove they just PARK on that shit.

Dälek – Shattered I love the wall of noise that this band generates. I’m glad they ended their hiatus.

Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik – Rop Fra Røynda - Mælt Fra Minne This is two metal guys (from Enslaved and Wardruna, respectively) collaborating on a song cycle telling the history of Norway in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution. It’s easily one of the oddest yet most satisfying albums I’ve picked up this year.

Gojira – Magma Both times I’ve seen Gojira, they upstaged the headlining acts. Considering the headlining acts were Slayer and Mastodon, that’s damned impressive. I love the new album to a ridiculous degree.

Neurosis – Reach Legends that continue to make legendary music. ‘Nuff said.