October 2012: Falling In Love

The Cars – Just What I Needed This month's mix reflects, in large part, a major event in my life - falling in love. The title of this song says it all.

Calexico – Algiers Romantic and a new favorite song of my new favorite person.

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew – Tbtf There's something about Broken Social Scene's sound that just jibes with my earbones. It's like a kind of food that forms an essential part of your diet, but that doesn't stand out in any conspicuous way. Am I saying BSS is like bread? Maybe. I couldn't tell you what exactly it is, but their sound has become an essential part of my basic musical menu. The two "Broken Social Scene Presents" albums (one each for main BSS dudes Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning) are among the best of the bunch, although they are often left off of the BSS discography.

alt-J – Breezeblocks This band made a big splash in my listening kingdom this month, and in the world in general, as well. (Bob Boilen for one can't stop gushing.) There's something about their music that takes me back to the mid-90's - akin to bands like the Beta Band? I'm not sure. Their sound definitely stands out, though - great grooves, smart and strange lyrics, unpredictable arrangements. This song seems, at least in part, to be a reference to Where the Wild Things Are, which fits perfectly into my love of "kid's music for adults."

Fruit Bats – When U Love Somebody "When you love somebody it's hard to think about anything but to breathe. When you love somebody, bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood." So incredibly spot-on.

Agrobators Meets The Revolutioners – Russian Stout Stumbled upon this Sly & Robbie track while wandering randomly through Spotify and fell in love. So simple. A great bridge, I think, between traditional Marley-era reggae and dub, although I could have my timeline completely wrong. Listening to it reminds me of an amazing night at a "sound system" in London years ago.

Flying Lotus – Melt! I got turned on to "Fly-Lo" at Pitchfork this summer and have slowly been making my way into his catalogue. Los Angeles, his second album, is easily my favorite of the bunch.

Patrick Watson – Into Giants The guys over at All Songs Considered can't gush enough about Patrick Watson, and I can see why. He's got an angelic voice and the arrangements on this album are ornate and gorgeous, if you're into that kind of thing.

alt-J – Tessellate "tes·sel·late - to construct, pave, or inlay with a mosaic of small tiles,to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements; form or  arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern."

Like I said, smart and strange lyrics. I love the use of a totally obscure verb to say, essentially, "Hey, let's get it on."

A.A. Bondy – I Can See The Pines Are Dancing I was obsessed with A.A. Bondy's most recent album, Believers for the better part of a year, and his performance at Lincoln Hall back in November, 2011 is on the list of my favorite shows of all time. I'm only now working my way backwards in his catalogue, and finding a insistent integrity to it. I can't recommend him enough.

Flying Lotus – GNG BNG I just can't get over how his music never stops morphing and pushing into places you don't expect.

Curren$y – Privacy Glass I saw Curren$y live from quite a distance at a street festival a while back, and, despite my friend Donnie's rapture, didn't really get it. Stumbled on this track while putting together a DJ set for CHIRP and appreciate how successfully it achieves its goal - creating an engulfing haze.

Flying Lotus – Testament Yet again.

Grizzly Bear – Yet Again You can't beat Ed Droste's voice and the baroque swing of Grizzly Bear for romance.